Explore these fun parks near Austin Springs Apartments.

Explore These 5 Parks Near Austin Springs This Summer

Embracing the summer means soaking up the sunshine and diving into the beauty of the great outdoors. It’s a time for discovery, play, and exploration. Lucky for those residing in our wonderful Austin Springs apartments, an array of splendid parks and lush expanses await just a short journey away. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top parks in proximity to Austin Springs.


Cox Arboretum

Gather your loved ones and immerse yourselves in the natural wonders at Cox Arboretum, conveniently located less than five miles from Austin Springs. This breathtaking 174-acre site features 2.5 miles of trails winding through a collection of specialty gardens, mature woodlands, and a diverse assortment of trees and shrubs. Highlights include the incredible Tree Tower, the enchanting Bell Children’s Maze, and the captivating Butterfly House showcasing various butterflies and moths. For a complete list of activities, visit the Cox Arboretum website.


Sugarcreek MetroPark

Experience the majesty of ancient trees over 550 years old at Sugarcreek MetroPark. This 618-acre park is a paradise for walking, horseback riding, and running through its prairies, woodlands, and wetlands. A haven for pets and their owners, it’s perfect for a leisurely Saturday devoted to exploring local heritage, enjoying nature, or sharing a picnic in the great outdoors. Discover more at the Sugarcreek MetroPark website.


Oak Grove Park

A mere 15-minute trip from Austin Springs will lead you to Oak Grove Park, with its iconic central oak grove surrounded by a myriad of activities. Its broad array of amenities, including soccer fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, playgrounds, a dog park, and more, make it a top pick for your summer outing list. For further details and a park map, visit the Oak Grove Park website.


North Park

Just a stone’s throw away, located along the Tamarack Trail, is the 39-acre North Park. Although smaller, it doesn’t skimp on recreational offerings, including tennis and pickleball courts, soccer fields, walking paths, and a playground. The park boosts its appeal with a summer concert series and open-air theatre events at the North Park Amphitheater. For more information, check out the North Park website.


Grant Park

Grant Park, covering 189 acres, invites you on a journey through creeks, meadows, wetlands, and prairies. The trails range in difficulty, ensuring something for everyone, alongside a natural play area and picnic spots. Reserve a fire ring and explore more on the Grant Park website.


Summer and nature go hand-in-hand, especially when you’re living at Austin Springs. With an abundance of beautiful parks to choose from, you’re set for a season filled with wildlife and greenery just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

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